Wildlife & Nuisance Animal Removal & Control

Forest and Wildlife Group, located in Columbia SC, are experts in animal and nuisance wildlife removal, control, and exclusion.   Our wildlife biologists provide home and business owners the knowledge and experience necessary to solve animal-related issues quickly and humanely with little or no inconvenience.

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We provide solutions for: 

   Squirrel removal & control
   Bat removal & control
   Beaver removal & control
   Rodent removal & control
   Bird & Pigeon removal & control
   Raccoon removal & control
   Opossum removal & control
   Snake removal & control
   Alligator removal & control
   …& more!

And because of our integrated service departments, we offer turn-key solutions for Full Damage Restoration Services to businesses and residences.  We can solve your nuisance-wildlife problem and restore your home, business, or yard to its proper condition.

We provide 24/7 service, FREE estimates, and fair prices that beat our competition (often significantly).